Welcome to the website of Manifesta 13 Marseille

Manifesta is the European Nomadic Biennial, which originated in the early 1990s in response to the political, economic, and social change following the end of the Cold War and the subsequent steps towards European integration. Manifesta has developed into a platform for dialogue between art and society by inviting the cultural and artistic community to produce new creative experiences with, and for, the context in which it takes place. Manifesta rethinks the relations between culture and society investigating and catalysing positive social change in Europe through contemporary culture in a continuous dialogue with the social sphere of a specific place.

Manifesta was founded Dutch art historian, Hedwig Fijen. Each new edition is fundraised individually and managed by a permanent team of international specialists. Manifesta is working from its offices in Amsterdam and Marseille.

Please view the website of Manifesta 12 here.